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Video Memorial Services Newark CA

Fremont Chapel of the Roses offers video memorial services Newark CA. When a loved one has passed away in Newark, CA, trust the caring professionals at Fremont Chapel of the Roses to provide a heartfelt video memorial service. We provide funeral planning help and services for the greater Fremont area. A memorial service is a very special event and a way of honoring a loved one as a family. Especially in these uncertain times, people are finding it difficult or impossible to travel for funerals. Give your loved ones the ability to be a part of the service, without having to be there. By privately broadcasting your video stream, relatives and friends from around the country and world are able to attend the service and share in the celebration of life.

When you choose Fremont Chapel of the Roses, you get the peace of mind that you are working with a family business and will be treated as compassionately as though you were a part of our family. Our funeral directors treat every grieving family with empathy and dignity as they work to accommodate the requests of your loved one. We offer a comprehensive array of memorial services, funerals, cremations, etc.; in addition, we provide full funeral shipping services.

Although it may sound macabre, funeral industry leaders highly recommend that couples pre-arrange at least some aspect of their funeral or memorial service. By planning ahead, you alleviate a tremendous burden off of your grieving family members. A financially-sound decision would also be to pre-pay for your service plan. As our economy continues into uncertainty, you may want to lock in today’s prices. Funeral expenses compound the trauma of the sudden loss of a family member; remove that pressure from your loved ones.

Fremont Chapel of the Roses offers you and your family several funeral service options; keep in mind that we offer video streaming services. Our friendly funeral directors are standing by to answer any questions that you have. Please call (510) 797-1900 today.