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Funeral Planning in San Jose CA

When you need help with funeral planning in the San Jose area, Fremont Chapel of the Roses has the personnel and resources you need. The Rose family owns and operates two of the finest mortuaries in the area. We offer compassionate and caring guidance when you need help planning services for your loved ones. We understand how difficult it is to put your trust in people you don't know. You want to carry out the wishes of the deceased while providing a fitting and respectable memorial.

We would like to mention that we offer prepaid funeral plans in the San Jose area. Prearranged and prepaid services will help alleviate some of the stress following the death of the loved one. One advantage of prepayment is that your services are locked in at today's prices. Another advantage is that your family will not have to make tough decisions during the period of mourning.

Fremont Chapel of the Roses has built a reputation for excellence when it comes to funeral planning and services. We offer the highest standard of care to families in this difficult time with special care to provide attention to detail. Call the helpful funeral directors at Fremont Chapel of the Roses for more information: 510-797-1900.