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Funeral Home Services and Cremation in Fairview CA

Fremont Chapel of the Roses is a family run business that boasts two ultra modern funeral homes based in Fremont California, which serves the residents of Fairview CA and the neighboring communities. We hope that this site will prove resourceful to anyone who wants to plan their own funeral arrangements and those who have experienced the loss of their loved one.  

As a business, we rely on a simple philosophy; to treat each family we serve as our own family and go out of our way to lessen the pain caused by the passing of their loved one.  We operate as a family owned business and are free from national chains offering flexibility and a personalized funeral service. We are committed to offering quality services to those we are privileged to serve.  

We are aware that sometimes it is difficult to trust somebody you don’t know to take care of final preparations for your loved one.  Fortunately, Fremont Chapel of Roses has built a reputation for quality and dignity.  We carry this virtue to each funeral service we provide.  Our team of funeral directors are proud of the meticulous personal attention they give to every detail, which starts immediately when we make the first contact with the family. Fremont Chapel of Roses is pleased to provide a wide range of funeral services to the residents of Fairview CA including planning for a traditional graveside service or cremation.   We cater to all denominations from traditional catholic funeral to Indian and Hindu funerals. We also provide funeral shipping services. You will be helped and guided by our experienced and friendly staff.  Both our locations deal in all aspects of the funeral service including pre-arranged funerals.

Fremont Chapel of Roses is committed to providing a comprehensive and compassionate funeral service.  Please contact us for any special requests you might have.

If you need urgent help or simply want to pay for their own funeral in advance, we are ready for your call. Fremont Chapel of the Roses offers prepayment funeral plans to individuals who want to be sure that they will receive a particular type of funeral service upon their passing. We do this because we are aware that when a person dies, it can become difficult for their loved ones to make sound decisions.   

The advantage of pre-payment plan over other plans such as a life insurance policy is that you make a payment now at the current price and we guarantee to offer our funeral services anytime we are required to do so. Also, you will be assured that your money will be kept in a funeral fund until the day when our services will be needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us and will gladly help you. We are available 24/7.