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Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Dublin CA

Thank you for visiting and welcome to our website. Our family-run business is based in Fremont, California and has two funeral homes, proudly serving the residents of Dublin CA and surrounding areas. We hope our website will serve as a useful resource for pre-planning your own funeral arrangements or if you have experienced the recent loss of a loved one and need to make immediate funeral arrangements. Our business philosophy is quite simple. We strive to treat each and every family like our own family. We do our best to make such a difficult time easier. We offer the highest standards by remaining a family-owned business, free of national chains. Entrusting us with helping your family is not taken lightly and we consider it a privilege and honor.

Trusting someone you do not know with the care of your loved one can be difficult. We understand. For many years, Fremont Chapel of the Roses has a long-standing reputation for high quality and dignified funeral services for the residents of Dublin CA. Our funeral directors give personal attention to each detail. We pride ourselves on being meticulous and detail-oriented from the moment of first contact with the family. Fremont Chapel of the Roses offers a wide range of services, from graveside burials to cremations. We also provide International funeral shipping to Mexico, India and Philippines. All services are planned by your family with our friendly, experienced staff there to guide you along the way. Our two locations are fully capable of dealing with any aspect of your current funeral arrangement needs and pre-planning.

Compassion, professionalism and caring are among the core values of Fremont Chapel of the Roses. We pride ourselves on this core value system. If you are unable to find what you need within the pages of our website, feel free to reach out to any of our funeral directors to assist you. Just as we service families who need immediate help, we are available to assist those who are interested in making arrangements and payment in advance for their own funeral. Fremont Chapel of the Roses has a Pre-Payment Funeral Plan, which is available if you want solace that you will receive the arrangements you want. Pre-planning can also offer your loved ones comfort knowing there are fewer decisions they need to make during a very difficult time.

A major advantage of choosing a pre-paid plan instead of a savings account or life insurance is when you make arrangements, they are locked-in at today’s cost. No matter how much funeral services cost in the future, we can guarantee your arrangements will be honored with pre-payment. You can rest assured your money is safe and kept in the funeral fund until our services are required. Please contact us today. We are happy to answer questions or concerns you may have.